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What is the idea of a network as the EU-MAN?
It is very natural, and as such, simple idea. The aim is to help and support communication between migrant artists in the EU region. There is an evident need for such network more than other people migrants need contact with each other, and more than other migrants (may be) migrants artists need each other. Art is in itself communicative and has a special need for open channels.
EU-MAN was established on January the 10th in Turku on the idea of AMIR KHATIB, with the assistance of BELA CZITROM and HANG HONG.
EU-MAN members communicate directly between them, and each country has its coordinator. The main issue is of course to facilitate exhibition work international exhibition exchange for its members.
No less important, though, is the aim to make it easier for migrant artists to integrate in the society in the new home country to get in contact with the people you need, to get to know how to get on here. To keep the strength to remain the one you are.
Concretely it means that there will be exhibitions turning in Europe, seminars, workshops and other cultural activities- all of course depending on the members activity and initiatives.
And who can join the network, who are the members?
Artists in the visual field- all from painters to designers an architect.