An exhibition taking place from the 21.5-15.6.2002 At EU-MAN gallery
Meritullinkatu 15 B, 00170 Helsinki

Fore many years I have been so much obsessed by oil colors. However, gradually over the last 8 years my range of material has changed and nowadays I am most devoted to pastel. The reason is because of its uniqueness both as a drawing and painting medium.

Above all for me as a painter the single most powerful element in my creative work is color of all its potentials, it is the very lifeblood of my artistical expression.

In trying to achieve the richest technical quality I employed influence of the stained glass technique with it's elegant colorful arrangements - I believe it is fully apparent in my way of arranging color combinations. My creative work is influenced also by traditional values and my approach toward Ethiopian iconography has further supplied me with additional formal elements. I try to create a synthesis between these old elements and my own individual language to express my ideas.

To discover my true self I have become all the time more aware of my close spiritual ties to my native land. It is for me impossible to cut off memories of my native culture and for this reason in my creative work I try to reassess and express my admiration for its long history including:- the fabulous breath taking beauty of the nature , its unique mosaic culture, social life and festivities and the economical, ecological and moral conditions.

My work is always largely objective (figurative) because it is essential for me to show those elements of my child hood memories as accurately possible.

"I believe all art grows out of its parent culture, not as a miraculous vision. To create my identity I have retained an intimate relationship with my native land"

Tigneh Negash
Helsinki 2002




Born in Ethiopia


Addis abeba Fine art school 1978 -1982
V.I.Surkov state of Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow 1984-1990


Finland Artists Association
International Association of Art
EU-MAN European Union Migrant Artists' Network

One-man exhibitions

1993 cafe andreas, Helsinki,
1996 Finland AcademyMajia
1996 MTV3
1998 International Cultural Center

Group exhibitions

1979- 1982 the Addis abeba municipality cultural center
1985 - 1990 the art academy Moscow
1991 Turku Cultural Center
1992 Cultural Center Helsinki
1993 Hotel Seura Huone Helsinki
1994 Provo
1995 Vantaa
1997 Brinkala Gallary Turku
1998 S - Gallery
1998 Shambla Gallery Copenhagen
1998 Stoa Cultural Center
1999 Malmitalo Cultural Center
2000 Kaapeli thedas Helsinki
1999 Krakow Cultural center Poland
2000 M - Gallery Vienna Austria
2000 Manege ST. Petersburg Russia
2001 M - Gallery Vienna Austria