Helsinki Kaapelitehdas  
    This installation participated in the large-scale exhibition which EU-MAN showed in two venues, the Helsinki Kaapelitehdas and the Rundetaarn of Copenhagen. The CUPORE (institution of culture research in Helsinki) bought it and now it is shown in the institute.  
  Show must go on  
  Show must go on a title of the installation that Amir has participated in the City Museum of S.Petersburg in the festival of the fifth installations for the installation artwork.

The installation was about the war of Iraq. Amir has done the installation out of children toys put in a box showing the endless of the soldiers and other weapons that mankind use in the war.

Worth mentioning that the installation is in show now in the Toy Museum of the City of S.Petersburg Russia.


My Beloved Iraq

An installation artwork in the International Cultural Center of CAISA - Helsinki, Finland
24th of May - 24th of June 2004
Dialogue 2003

An installation artwork in the art hall Manage Venue - St. Petersburg, Russia
This installation was shown in the art museum of the city of Porvoo in Finland
during the exhibition of Exo-Art 2003.
The Mobile 2000

A photography installation by Amir Khatib & Adolfo Vera

Place Helsinki, the shopping center of Forum
Time from 12th of August to 2nd of September 2000
This installation was accepted as one activity of the Helsinki as a Cultural Capital festivity.