Annual Meeting







Date: 20th of March 2004






P.O.Box: 523

00101 Helsinki

Tel: 040 554 6896



The annual meeting of the EU-MAN members, the general meeting was held at the KIASMA art museum this year on Saturday the 20th of March at 16:00. The program of the meeting was as flowing:


We went through the items and the meeting was successful that most of the members were presented at the time and we discussed the items one by one, we reached a good conclusion for the future of our association and the work plan for it.


The work plan includes a large-scale exhibition that will be held on the year 2005 and the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the EU-MAN.


Members who attended the meeting from Vaasa, Turku Helsinki, Porvoo, Tampere and Lahti, they are as the following:


Amir Khatib   Helsinki
Liliana Kuha   Vaasa
Walid Shekha   Vaasa
Maria Soini    Tampere
Valter Soini    Tampere
Elvira Helkevich    Helsinki
Vera Beirad    Lahti
Tigneh Negash    Helsinki
Muhsin AL-Azzawi    Turku
Moustafa AL- Yassin    Porvo
Azer Sawiris    Helsinki
Ashenafi Kebede    Helsinki
Adolfo Vera    Helsinki
Jure Mitroshin    Helsinki



Members who wanted to attend the meeting, but for many reasons they could not make it, are as following:


Andrei Gennadiev

Sattar Fartousi   Helsinki
Gady Bustany   Helsinki
Alexander Kuprianov   Helsinki
Jar Helpin   Helsinki
Qassem AL-Rammahi    Turku
Ali Abu Fetuh   Nurmes
Tatiana Tolonen   Turku
Raed Abu Asker   Turku
Luis Boderand   Helsinki
Natalia Pietikäinen   Helsinki
Son I Kgon   Helsinki





Khatib Abdulamir

Chairperson of EU-MAN

Helsinki 29th of March 2004